Diplomatic Sales.

Privilege Program.

Motor Houtrust is the BMW motorcycle dealer that serves many diplomatic employees of embassies and international organisations in the area The Hague and outside.

We have a diplomatic privilege program meant to encourage diplomatic staff to enjoy the dynamic quality of BMW motorcycles. Like for BMW cars, diplomatic personnel can participate in our Diplomatic Privilege Program for motorbikes.

We offer you a substantial diplomatic price reduction and, if your eligible for a tax-free motorcycle, we can offer you the bike tax-free, without 19,4% BPM tax and 21 % BTW (VAT). Alltogether this offer can roughly cut the regular price of a new motorbike in half. A very attractive way to beat the Dutch traffic jams!

Diplomats can be employees of one of these agencies.

  • Europol
  • United Nations
  • Nato
  • International Court of Justice
  • E.S.A. Noordwijk
  • E.P.O. Rijswijk
  • O.P.C.W.
  • All foreign mbassies and consulates in the Netherlands
  • Dutch citizens working for Dutch embassies and consulates abroad
  • Many other international organisations

Feel free to ask us whether we can offer diplomatic privileges for the organisation you work for.

At your demand we can assist you with test-rides and personalised quotes for your BMW motorcycle. On desire, we can come to your location with the bike of your choice.


  • Buy the motorbike you always wanted to buy.
  • Reduce your time losses during the traffic hours.
  • Explore our country and other European countries the nicest way - on your BMW motorbike.
  • With BMW high-tech motorcycle riding gear it is possible to ride in almost any circumstances.
  • For very attractive prices!


  • License registration must be on the person's name.
  • Diplomatic status must be confirmed by the diplomat's employer.
  • Contact your personnel department for applicable tax regulations and possible limitations to the number of vehicles you can buy tax free.

Contact our sales staff for information, test rides or offers. Visit our showroom to see it all for yourself!